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We Want to Help You Grow Closer to God

At the Beulah Churches of God 7th Day, we strive to help you and your family grow closer to God through exciting, spiritual experiences. But it doesn’t end there. Our unique strategy is to invite you to serve others, too! Through our Church ministries, you can expect to be challenged in your own life while helping others along the way. With this in mind we have various Ministries that are ready and available to meet each and every individual growth and development.

Women’s Ministry
Bible Studies, Small Groups, Mom’s Ministries, Book Clubs, and Special Events for Women.
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Prayer Ministry
The more time you spend with something or someone, the more confidence you build in it.
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Youth Ministry
A fun, welcoming community where students can worship, serve, and grow in faith together toward becoming deeply committed Christians.
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Marriage and Family
Our goal is to help you reclaim, heal, and build the marriage God intended for you.
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Men's Ministry
We provide men with pathways of spiritual growth through Christian fellowship, effective discipleship and mission outreach.
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Children's Ministry
Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God's Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God.
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Music Ministry
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