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Music Ministry – Mission Statement
The purpose of the Music Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs and music and to encourgae believers in their christian walk through Christ. We aim to lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals can share their gifts and be an integral part of the worship within a global community.
Our choir enriches, inspires, motivates, and engages the global community through hymns, and sacred songs in celebration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The members of the Beulah Church of God Seventh Day choir, endeavor to celebrate our Lord and Savior in a manner that promotes participation by all, with joy and admonition of the Lord. The choir unites in harmonic melodies that is filled with deep, full, and reverberating sound. The members of the choir aspire, and are solely established for the purpose of serving Beulah Church of God Seventh Day Evangelical, Inc.
Music has always been an integral part of the worship of God. The band here at Beulah Church of God 7th day Inc., use their talents to skillfully play the instruments which improve the quality, value, and extent of our worship. The music in our service is a way for us to get the message about the love of Jesus Christ to the members of the church congregation and to the global community. The musicians lead rehearsals for the choir and praise and worship. They also support the beliefs of the church of God. This commitment means that the musicians have to uphold the standards of the church and the Holy Bible.